Hundepasser profil

Balland, Oslo, 0864

Dette medlem har ingen aktivitet på området for 1 år.
Balland er 36 år og har vært medlem siden 2017.
Han trives med hunder i alle størrelser.

Om Balland

I grew up in Brazil surrounded by animals!

However, one day I realized that my career and studies, the constant change of city or country did not allow me to have my own pet.

I was so sad! So I started borrowing my friends' pets. That's right: I asked: Can I stay with your dog this afternoon?

And like that, the Lelê's care services started grown! The perfect combination of passion and pocket money! :)

However, dog care has never been my main job, let this be clear !!

I guess I have a real career in education: with people! They are far away more complicate living beings... hehe!

Anyway, pet sitting is working for me: a mix of passion and therapy with the extra financial help I need!

Finally Oslo! I arrived in the city in Aug 2017 for my master studies. So challenge... two different languages to get uded to (English and Norwegian), family distance, cold weather, darkness ...

I thought: I need dogs! Many pets to survive it through!

So I started to spread my services ... I hope you like it!


I offer overnight pet sitting (as you travel or work) in your OWN HOME with unlimited belly rubs and adventurous walks for their mind and body.

I also offer my time and service to walking with your dog from your doorsteps, as you are too busy to do that. So, I will search the parks around your house and enjoyable places to walk with your dog.